Return to work assist - A Q-COMP initiative

An initiative helping injured workers return to work

Return to work assist aims to help those workers at risk of long-term unemployment to access training and job placement services to achieve realistic career goals. The service may also help them with prior learning recognition, training, host employment and job placement.

The process

Participation will be voluntary for injured workers and Queensland workers’ compensation insurers.  Once an insurer identifies a possible candidate the initiative will be discussed with the injured worker and if they agree a referral will be made to the Return to Work Manager.

The Return to Work Manager will take the worker through the process which may include:

  • initial interview and assessment after referral
  • referral to career planning and training services
  • referral to industry based training and job placement
  • programs hosted by peak employer bodies
  • monitoring and evaluating progress
  • evaluating the overall program
  • reporting outcomes to insurers and other relevant parties

The benefits

Return to work assist will deliver a number of benefits. For insurers it means better return to work outcomes and a broader range of effective return to work options. Importantly, it also complements their focus on improving service delivery and return to work.

For injured workers, it will provide early access to current return to work services and help them obtain employment and continue working.

For employers, there will be an increase in the number of available skilled workers during a period of skill shortages.

Maximising return to work outcomes may also help to reduce employer’s premiums.

It’s a free service for injured workers at risk of long-term unemployment.

Currently this is being run as a two-month pilot with WorkCover Brisbane South. For more information contact Sonia Minniecon, Return to Work Manager, Q-COMP, 347 Ann Street Brisbane Q 4000

PO Box 10119 Brisbane Adelaide Street Q 4000

P: 07.32359762

F: 07.32383533


Posted: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 08:55:54 +1000 By: Amanda
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