We can help you following a

fall in a public area or venue

AK Compensation Lawyers can provide assistance in:
  • Obtaining compensation
  • Lodging a Notice of Claim
  • Obtaining treatment and rehabilitation
  • Obtaining care assistance if needed


Summary of process

Steps you need to take

When you attend at our Practice we will decide if it is worthwhile investigating your claim. 

Lodging a Notice of Claim

Generally, you have one month from attending our office to serve a Notice of Claim on the respondent(s), who will be the party you believe to be at fault it might be a government agency or a private company, and it may be more then one organisation or its insurer.

Even if you choose not to proceed in the future we recommend you serve the Notice of Claim to protect your interests.  If you do not so you may not be able to proceed with your claim in the future unless you can provide a reasonable explanation for the delay.

Ultimately you will have three years by which you commence proceedings in the court.  If court proceeding are not commenced by this time, you may lose you right to seek compensation in the future.

If more then 3 years has passed but you did not know an important piece of information you may still be able to proceed. In this situation every day counts so please contact us urgently to discuss your claim.

Our costs

If we agree to act we will send you a retainer agreement and confirm that we will act on your behalf.  We will also set out if we agree to act on a speculative basis, which means that at this time you will not pay our professional costs. We will also advise if we agree to meet some or all of the costs of outlays we consider necessary to establish your claim. 

If we agree to speculate our costs and/ or outlays, you are not required to pay any fees unless we successfully get you compensation.

The Queensland Law Society encourages us to enter into this agreement with you pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2007.  We require a signed retainer to be returned to our office before we can proceed any further with the claim as we will be incurring costs on your behalf. 

Medical examinations

Once your injuries have stabilised, this is usually one year after the accident, it will be necessary to send you to an independent medical expert to obtain a report on your injuries.  If AK Compensation Lawyers agree to speculate the outlays we will pay the costs of the examination and the cost of the report in accordance with your retainer with us.

When we have a medical report in the area or specialty needed we use this information to advise you on issues like whether your injuries were caused or made worse by the accident.  They also help us to advise you what your claim is worth in monetary terms.

If you find that your symptoms resolve and that you are able to return to work without any ongoing consequences it may be that we make an early offer to settle with the insurer.

It is vital you keep us updated on the progression of your injury and symptoms, and please keep all receipts for medical treatment and travel.

Compulsory Conference

Once we have advised you on the value of your claim and any issues that may affect the compensation you might get such as the effect of any thing you have done that might have contributed to the injuries you have suffered (contributory negligence) we will arrange a compulsory conference.

Your matter may settle at the compulsory conference.  Approximately 80% of matters settle at the compulsory conference or shortly afterwards.