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Personal Injury

If you have suffered an injury you need to consider whether to seek compensation. You must do this quickly as strict time limits apply to all injuries.

You must be able to show someone other than you was at fault, or at least partly to blame, before you can successfully bring a claim. When information to show this has been gathered, often we can negotiate an out of court settlement with the person at fault or the insurance company that acts on their behalf.

You generally have only a few months to lodge a claim. The forms are detailed and must be completed correctly. If you do not complete the correct form properly and accurately within the strict time frame, you may lose your right to claim compensation.

The Claim form must be served on the correct person or insurance company to meet the requirements of the legislation. There are a number of steps to take to protect your claim and generally speaking, there is a period of up to six months for the investigation of the circumstances of your claim. Both sides give each other documents about the circumstances of the accident to show who was at fault.

Approximately six months after you have lodged your claim the other side (generally an insurance company) must tell you if they agree that they were at fault.

Most claims take about nine months from the date of your accident to be ready for a conference. Before going to a conference you must have documents and reports to show how the injury happened and to show what injuries you have and how these affect you. This might also include a report from an expert such as an engineer or others to say how the injury occurred and who was at fault.

The most claims for compensation arising from injuries are settled without going to court. However if they deny fault you need to gather more evidence to show they were at fault. Sometimes it is necessary to get a judge to decide who was at fault or how much your claim is worth.

If your injury happened a long time ago and you did not know you had a claim then you should come and see us quickly as you may still have a right to seek compensation. Do not delay or you may not be able to bring a claim later if things get worse.

We offer an initial free consultation and will represent you for "no win, no fee" for appropriate claims.

We will assist at all levels of the investigation and legal process to ensure an outcome that is of optimal benefit for you and your specific circumstances.